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Updated 12.26.17


Ensure commercial exports of defense articles and defense services are consistent with U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives.

New Items and Announcements
  • DDTC Leadership Change: (12.26.17)
    Deputy Assistant Secretary Brian Nilsson is retiring after a distinguished career of 31 years. Effective December 23, 2017, Mr. Mike Miller will temporarily assume the duties of Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense Trade Controls. Mr. Miller, a career member of the Senior Executive Service, is currently the Director for Regional Security and Arms Transfers (RSAT) within the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs and is already well known in the defense trade sector.

    As a reminder, the following DDTC Acting positions are still effective:
    • Anthony Dearth, Acting Chief of Staff, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls Front Office.
    • Sarah Heidema, Acting Director of Defense Trade Controls Policy.
    • Terry Davis, Acting Director of Defense Trade Controls Licensing.
    • The Director of Defense Trade Controls Compliance position is vacant. As announced December 10, 2017, the leadership responsibilities are being shared by the team chiefs during the transition period until a new Director is identified.

  • DDTC Announcement: (12.10.17)
    Effective December 8th, the following informal structural and personnel changes were made to optimize resources for increased effectiveness in fulfilling DDTC’s core functions. The web phone roster will be updated within a few days.

    • Senior Analysts Alex Douville and Pete Walker were detailed into Team Co-Lead roles in Division 6 in anticipation of upcoming retirements. Under their leadership, Division 6 will oversee licenses for USML Commodity Categories I and III.
    • Senior Analysts Mike Boyd, Jonathan Dennis, Yolanda Gantlin, Jo Anne Riabouchinsky, Fran Tucker, and Nate Young have been tasked with greater responsibilities for managing case flow and quality control.
    • Licenses for USML Commodity Categories X and XIV are now redistributed to Divisions 5 and 3 respectively for increased load balancing and quality control.
    • The Registration Team, led by Chief Dan Cook, was detailed to the DDTC Front Office (FO) to facilitate greater collaboration on fee collections.
    • The remaining Compliance Office scope was narrowed to core functions and divided into the following three teams to better focus operations:

    • 1. Compliance and Civil Enforcement, led by Acting Chief Jae Shin, who was detailed from his current role as Acting Division Chief for the Regional Affairs and Analysis (RAA)
      2. Law Enforcement, led by Chief Julia Kruger Tulino.
      3. Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) and Mergers/Acquisitions (M&A), led by Team Chief Melanie Flaharty.
    • All AECA Section 3 investigations and reporting are now managed by DDTC’s Military Officers within the Office of Licensing (DTCL).
    • Acting Policy Deputy Director, Rick Koelling, also serves as Acting Division Chief for RAA.
    • Nick Memos was designated as Acting Division Chief for the Commodity Jurisdiction and Classification (CJC) Team.
  • Web Notice: (12.08.17)
    The IT Modernization Team is continuing its development efforts aimed at producing a modernized system to securely and efficiently provide web-based applications for select DDTC functions. The Defense Export Control & Compliance System (DECCS) testing and release is targeted for early 2018. The project team will provide more information for testing and release preparations as they are available.

    Please email pm_ddtcprojecteam@state.gov for any specific questions regarding DECCS.
  • Web Notice: DTAS System outage: (12.21.17)
    The DTAS information systems will be unavailable from 4:00AM-6:00AM Thursday, December 21st, 2017 for scheduled routine maintenance. The DTAS systems will be available Thursday, December 21st, 2017 after 6:00AM.
  • Web Notice: Discontinuance of ELLIE and form DSP-119: (11.14.17)
    Effective December 1, 2017, DDTC will no longer accept form DSP-119 to amend the DSP-85. All pending DSP-119’s will be processed pursuant to 123.25 of the ITAR. Any DSP-119 form submitted to DDTC on or after December 1, 2017 will be returned without action. When amending the DSP-85, the applicant must submit a completely new DSP-85 along with a transmittal letter, signed by the Empowered Official explaining the amended change.
  • Web Notice: Category XIV(f)(7), including Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC): (11.01.17)
    Consistent with 81 FR 49531 (July 28, 2016), Category XIV(f)(7) defense articles are designated as Significant Military Equipment. Accordingly, any application to export Category XIV(f)(7) defense articles requires a DSP-83 non-transfer and use certificate.