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Commodity Jurisdiction Final Determinations


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Model Name Manufacturer Description Final Determination Determination Date
High Speed Reverse Thrust Bearing, M/V: 029 21718 000 Rev Q, P/N: T0178-02 Waukesha Bearings Corporation Component used in an air conditioning compressor, which is part of a chiller unit located on U.S. Navy surface vessels ECCn 8A609.x 1/27/2016
N/A Energy Matter Conversion Corporation Fusion Research project Dept of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1/27/2016
Miniature G-Switch; M/V: < 2,000 G-Switches HTMicro An acceleration sensing switch designed for use in fuze circuit assemblies for ammunition/ordnance USML III(d)(3) 1/27/2016
Z-bolt Class IIIa Green Line Laser Green Dot and Line Laser Beam of Light Technologies, Inc Z-Bolt Class IIIa Green Line Laser, Green Dot and Line Laser is used to scan rooms in order to detect trip wires ECCn 0A987.f 1/27/2016
TWV640 BAE Systems Infromation and Electronic Systems Integration Inc Thermal Camera core, 640x480 FPA, 12 micron pixel pitch, up to 60 Hz ECCN 6A003.b.4.b 1/27/2016
Mass Memory Server 2 (MM2-2) (Part Number: 903209-1) Miltope Corporation dba A mass Memory Server 2 (MMS-2) is used as a rugged airbourne server ECCN 5A991.b 1/27/2016
Apollo H3D, inc Gamma-Ray imaging spectrometer based on large-volume pixelated CdZnTe semiconductor detectors ECCN 1A999 1/27/2016
EM1633 Flash Lamp Fenix Technology High intensified light bulb ECCN 9A604.x 1/27/2016
Single Crystals and rods Umicore USA Inc Optical Grade germanium raw material in the form of single crystals and rods EAR99 2/8/2016
H-Bar Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) Target System (Precision Open Air Target); P/N: 170-0200 Oakwood Controls Corporation An Acoustical target and peripherals for the detection and location of supersonic projectiles. This system was designed to provide instant feedback on long-range shooting USML IX(a)(1)(ii) 1/27/2016
CoroCAm 8 9Hz Ox Creek Energy Associates Inc Camera that creates images from each of its three distinct and separate wavelength cameras that are overlaid with one another in order to create a unique perspective of a scene ECCN 6A993.a 1/27/2016
PCOT6 SWIR, SWIR-NIR, and SWIR-VIS Cameras United Technologies Corp., Sensors Unlimited, inc SWIR, SWIR-NIR, and SWIR-VIS cameras with 640x512 FPAs, and major components ECCNs 6A003.b.4.a ; ECCN 6A002.a.3.c ; EAR99 1/27/2016
N/A Teledyne Scientific & Imaging Monolithic microwave integrated circuits for transmitting and receiving Split 1/19/2016
Electrical Slip Ring United Equipment Accessories, Inc A continuity devices that transfer electrical currents through continuous rotation from a stationary member to a rotating member. For use on a crane mounted to a tank ECCN 0A606.x 1/19/2016
LIFD Series L-3 Communications Log amplifier EAR99 1/19/2016
Hope Probe University of Colorado Interplanetary space probe destined for Mars ECCN 9A515.a 1/19/2016
N/A Shale-Inland PVF Mixing tee to combine chemicals CCATS 1/19/2016
N/A OFS Fitel, LLC Laser module that uses fiber optics to enchance the beam ECCN 6A005.e.2 1/19/2016
Basic Training of the atmospheric plasma spray process Oerlikon Metco (US) Inc A spray system process that can be applied to any base material provided it is suitable for the coating used EAR99 1/19/2016
Z-Bolt Class IIIa Handheld Green Dot Laser (Model: BTG-10G-ADJ) Bea, of Light Technologies, Inc The Z-Bolt Class IIIa handheld Green Dot Laser is used as a green dot laser pointer, as a handheld unit, or on a firearm ECCN 0A987.f 1/19/2016
SEC-1230 In-Line Network Encryptor ViaSat, Inc In-line Network Encryptor ECCN 5A002.a.1 2/17/2016
CMIBPF-1398KHZ Corry Micronics, Inc Band Pass filter used to select a frequency band for a transceiver ECCN 3A611.x 2/17/2016
3D-PI shape preform Bally Ribbon Mills Carbon Fiber woven into a 3D-PI Shape CCATS 2/17/2016
GPT-3401, GPT-3402, GPT-3403 ViaSat, Inc Global Portable Terminal CCATS 2/11/2016
N/A Anokiwave, Inc Phased array antenna at Ku-band ECCN 5A911.f 2/17/2016
MoVeo IR Videoscope KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. KG A flexible infrared endoscope EAR99 2/17/2016
Leidos MANET Data Link Compact Equipment Leidos, inc A mobile ad-hoc wireless network using equipment and a set of antennas that accommodate a wide range of platform requirements and supports diverse data types ECCN 5A002.a.1 2/17/2016
Microhard n-320 wireless modem; Piccolo II and SL with n-320; and PCC software Cloud cap Technology Inc UAV autopilot systems, a component of these systems, and these systems' operating software ECCn 5A991.b, 7A994, and 7D994 2/17/2016
Valves used on Navy Ships and submarines Velan Valve Corp Valves USML XX© 2/11/2016
Alpha silicon carbide/carbon fiber (alpha SiC/C) Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLC Carbon fiber product CCATS 2/11/2016
OWL SWIR 640 Raptor Photonics Limited Visual and infrared camera ECCN 6A003.b.4.a 2/11/2016
Cartographic Web Services ("CWS") System Intergraph Government Soluions Corporation A server-based software system to host cloud service for creating electronic maps from geospatial data EAR99 2/11/2016
SEMANTICA CORTEX (Version 1.0) Semantic Research inc Software that provides storage nd search capabilities for data analysis and vidualization ECCN 5D002.c.1 2/11/2016
Cooling Fan (Part Number: M4581AN-8C) Dynamic Air Engineering Inc Function of the fan is to move air to cool navigation electronics withing launcher system EAR99 2/11/2016
PureActiv PureTech Systems Inc GEOSPATIAl Video Management System EAR99 2/11/2016
SkEye-MP wide Area Airborne Persistent Surveillance System Model: 094440A-00) Elbit Systems, Ltd Wide Area Airborne Persistent Surveillance system for diaster response and public safety EAR99 2/11/2016
N/A Fairbank morse engine Bill of Material Spreadsheet for submarine diesel generator EAR99 2/11/2016
Thunder and Microburst DataSoft, Corp Software Defined Radio Waveform Development Systems and software Defined Radios ECCN 5A002.a.1 2/24/2016
Magazine Release Assist Model Number: GL-2333, GL-2333-S, and C-2401 Columbus Precision Tools, Inc This item is a firearm magazine release device that helps a firearm operator to remove a magazine quickly and without additional physical effort from the operator USML I(h) 2/24/2016
N/A General Dynamics - Applied Physical Sciences Shipboard system to monitor wind and waves and predict motion EAR99 2/25/2016
Accu-Pistol Brace Omar Tarazi Steady Shot LLC The item is a universal detachable forearm brace for a handgun that connects to pistols via modified magazine baseplate, and to a revolver via a modified grip EAR99 2/25/2016
CSNE151 Sensors Honeywell International Inc Sensor that detects electrical current in a wire, with typical applications to incude monitoring the operational status of motors. The Two versions of this submission were designed for use on Category VII Aircraft ECCN 9A610.x 2/25/2016
LaRue Tactical TA33 Docter Optics Mini ACOG mount (model number LT635) Austin Precision Products, DBA LaRue Tactical An aluminum clamp mount that provides a mounting point to affix a Docter Optic TA33 sight. EAR99 3/14/2016
LaRue Tactical LT-837 and LT-827 Mini Reflex Mounts (Model LT-837 and LT-827) Austin Precision Products, DBA LaRue Tactical Aluminum mounts with clamps that allow the attachment of a ruggedized miniature reflex sight to a firearm EAR99 3/14/2016
LaRue Tactical bipods LaRue Tactical Aluminum bipod with rubber feet and a locking swivel head that clamps to a firearm accessory rail EAR99 3/14/2016
LT112, 120, 840, 845 LaRue Tactical Aluminum telescope mount for round tube telescopic firearm sights EAR99 3/14/2016
Systems Tool Kit Spacecraft Object Library (STK SOLIS) AGI, inc Desktop modeling & simulation software for analyzing spacecraft rotational dynamics and closed-loop attitude determination and control ECCN 9D515 3/14/2016
1) Ferromagnetic Pure Boron Complexes and 2) Pure Boron Nanoparticles Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc Pure Boron complexes and pure elemental boron, respectively ECCN 1C011.b 3/8/2016
Foundational Computer Training, Defensive Cyber operations, Computer and mobiles Forensics Training Services root9B, LLC These Services are considered a form of cybersecurity training EAR99 3/8/2016
Endpoint Encryption Library (Version: 1.0) Web Sensing LLC Software used in remote sensor to provide two-way authentication ECCN 5D002.c.1 3/8/2016
Discoidal Ceramic capacitor, P/N: 104010C9112 K6BC API Technologies, Corp Discoidal feed-through ceramic capacitor, the dimensions of which have been modified from commercial standards for use in tank ammunition USML III(d)(3) 3/8/2016
Advanced software Defined Radio (ASDR) Satellite Transceiver Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation L-Band Satellite transceiver used for ground vehicular asset tracking via satellite CCATS 3/8/2016
N/A CENTCOM Global, Inc Analytical tool for detecting behavioral and demographic relationships and anomalies CCATS 3/8/2016
Aluminum Holdings Model Number: 102673 Part Number: 102673-001 Cobham Advanced electronics solutions, inc This item is a bare, machined housing that wil be populated with electronic components. The components use is to protect the internal components from outside elements ECCN 3A611.x 3/8/2016
P/N 1EN330-R3 Honeywell International Inc Installation drawing for a limit switch Not subject to the ITAR 3/8/2016
P/N 21EN570-R1 Honeywell International Inc Installation drawing for a limit switch Not subject to the ITAR 3/8/2016
SDR-450 L-3 Communications Receive-only software defined radio using standard commercial waveforms and protected with commercial encryption ECCN 5A002.a.1 3/8/2016
Radant Lens, MEMs Based Electronically Steerable Antenna Communications & Power Industries LLC MEMS Based Passive Electronically Steering Antenna ECCN 3A611.a 2/1/2016
2015 Innovative Intuitive Technology, Inc Stabilized imaging sensor, with day camera and thermal imaging camera ECCN 6A003.b.4.b 2/1/2016
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